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In addition to the development, manufacture and marketing of eco-friendly designed products, we are ecologically and socially committed in many ways:

Poop Bag Map

Poop bags have reduced the dog waste problem in many places in recent years, but at the same time a plastic waste problem arises, since approx. 90 % of the bags used consist of conventional plastic (PE).

Fatal and much more problematic than, for example, with shopping bags: dog owners understandably like to walk their dog in green spaces or by the water – in other words, where it is particularly painful when the bags get into the environment. Especially in water it is often impossible to get the bags back from the environment. In addition, many dog ​​waste bags are even willfully disposed of.

It would be best if the bags and dog waste do not end up in the environment in the first place – regardless of whether it is conventional plastic or biodegradable material. In 2015 we therefore started with the “Poop Bag Map” what is probably the largest study to date on the subject of dog waste bags in the environment. This is an interactive map in which users could enter the places where they found dog waste bags in the environment. In the course of this, we also started a large clean-up campaign in a densely populated residential area of ​​Hamburg, where over 500 dog waste bags could be retrieved from nature. We were accompanied by the NDR (Northern German Broadcasting), among others.

With this environmental project, we were able to reach over 7 million contacts through reporting in various media and thus contribute significantly to raising public awareness of the problem. In addition, we were able to enable cities and municipalities with the data material obtained to optimize the rubbish bin locations. In the course of this, however, it has also become apparent that this optimization can reduce the environmental input, but cannot completely avoid it, and that there is therefore a need for a more holistic solution.

Hamburg Environmental Partnership

We are happy to be part of the “UmweltPartnerschaft Hamburg“. As a member, companies can underline their commitment to nature by regularly and continuously providing voluntary, recognized services towards environmental and climate protection beyond legal requirements.

We rely on recycling as well as low-pollutant and renewable raw materials for our products and packaging. An increasing proportion of our recycled products are certified with the Blue Angel. In addition, we are continuously working to ensure that as many of our products as possible are manufactured in the EU and with green electricity (e.g. from Czech production).

Our office runs on green electricity. When it comes to our office equipment (e.g. LED lighting, certified recycled printer paper, energy-efficient laptops), we make sure to keep the environmental impact as low as possible. Our website is already 100 % climate neutral. In addition, all employees in the team save ways by working from a home office – regardless of political decisions. And when it comes to a meeting in the office, it is by bike or public transport.

Tiertafel Hamburg

We also regularly supply the Hamburg Tiertafel with dog waste bags free of charge. The tiertafelhamburg e.v. is a non-profit, registered association that is financed exclusively through donations. They have made it their task to support pet owners in need who have got into financial distress through no fault of their own due to personal circumstances (strokes of fate, illness and death, retirement, etc.).

Due to their financial hardship, it is no longer possible for these people to feed and care for their housemates in a species-appropriate manner. The Hamburg Tiertafel provides them with food and accessories tailored to the animal and enables those affected to keep their beloved pets – often the only remaining support in their lives.

Logo des Kooperationspartners Elbe Werkstätten


We cooperate with Elbe-Werkstätten GmbH, which offers people with disabilities a wide range of professional training and work opportunities in the Hamburg area. These people actively support us with various logistical tasks – for example with the packaging and bundling of our organic waste bins.

Fair production

When selecting our production facilities, it is particularly important to us that the conditions on site conform to our principles and beyond. An increasing proportion of our recycled products are manufactured in a Czech manufacturing plant, which places great emphasis on inclusion – more than half of the workforce has a disability.

Animals for the Planet

We are part of the “Animals For The Planet” initiative. The young companies that have joined forces want to work for more sustainability in the animal industry – with a special focus on transparency and visibility. Because it is far too often difficult for consumers to understand whether and when a product is “sustainable”.

Against this background, we enter into a joint dialogue with politics, companies and the community, provide information and ensure more transparency in the animal industry.



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