Here you will find various useful links
on various topics:


Here you will find various useful links on various topics:

This study was published in February 2020 by Wageningen University & Research (Netherlands). As can also be seen in the press release of the European Bioplastics industry association, this study shows „…that the tested objects have the same disintegration and degradation rate as regular biowaste or are even faster.“ The composting cycle (or the duration of a composting cycle) alone is not decisive for the degradability of certain bioplastic products.

European Association of Bioplastics. Among other things, with an extensive collection of links to various associations and interest groups on all matters relating to the topic of bioplastics.

The Verbund kompostierbarer Produkte e. V. is an association of companies pursuing a common goal:
“To promote the separate collection of organic waste and thus return these valuable resources to the biological cycle.”
In addition to the wide availability of the organic waste bag in grocery stores, drugstores and hardware stores, the association is committed to:
– the area-wide offer of the bio bin for all citizens
– the municipal approval of the certified organic waste bag as an aid for the collection of organic waste
– informing and educating the public about the ecological and economic advantages of separate collection of organic waste as an organic resource

Extensive information about oxo-degradable plastics. Developed by the IK working group Bioplastics (Bad Homburg) and published in September 2019.

Detailed study “Biodegradability of Plastics in the Open Environment” by the European Commission’s Group of Chief Scientific Advisors on the biodegradability of plastics in nature, from 2020. Oxo-degradable plastics were also examined.

Issued by the European Parliament and Council on June 5, 2019. The Directive relates to reducing the impact of certain (including oxo-degradable) plastic products on the environment.



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