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In this area, we focus on information on selected topics that currently at the centre of public discussion for which there are exciting innovations as well as topics where action is needed.

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Littering of dog waste bags

Dog waste bags basically make an important contribution for a clean cityscape.

However, if the bags do not get into the garbage bin as intended but into nature there will be not only a visual but also an ecological problem.

The increased use in sensitive areas such as parks and along waterways makes the discharge of plastic into the environment particularly critical.

As part of a clean-up operation, for example, 500 dog waste bags were collected along a narrow path of a riverside on a length of just 500 meters.

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Food waste – Kitchen caddy bin liners

Currently around 5 million tonnes of organic waste still enter the german household residual waste stream. Organic waste consists of up to 70% water – correspondingly inefficient to burn with residual waste. Organic waste bags help to collect more of these recyclable separately via the organic waste bin.

Help to recycle 5 million tonnes of organic waste bringing them back into the biological cycle.

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