Our motivation – our vision

Together to top performance. Not only with a roped party to the mountaintop, but especially in the development, production and sale of sustainable packaging solutions. Not alone, but as an important member of common network. A team with a pioneering spirit and experience. Our motivation and our values tell why you can rely on us.

Our motto

We help to develop and implement sustainable solutions in the field of plastic packaging and thereby generating quality of life and added value.

Our motto is a synthesis of perceived social responsibility on the one hand and fundamental, corporate guidelines on profitability and differentiation on the other.

Sustainable solutions…

… for society

Society requires and demands sustainability in ecological, economic and social spects with the industrialized nations and their economic actors being given a leading role.

We see the development and provision of sustainable packaging solutions as an important element in meeting these requirements – a module in which we actively seek responsibility.

… four our company and our customers.

Sustainability is a consumer trend and politically demanded. As a result, sustainable solutions are increasingly becoming a necessary condition for manufacturers, processors and distributors of packaging. Especially in the western industrial nations with a high living standard or high purchasing power. They become the “conitio sine qua non”.

Together with our customers we develop systems that generate benefits and ensure long-term success. We see a strong foundation as an important breeding ground for growth and prosperity.




Generate added value / Increase quality of life …

… for society

The current type of economic activity (civil capitalist mode of production, division of labor, privatization of production, etc.) must be able to sustainably increase the quality of life in order to legitimize it. Our active participation in this system aims at this fact in the interest of all stakeholders.

… for our company and customers

The creation of “added value” lies at the centre of our efforts. Therefore, the customer benefit is our priority. Our close customer contact or to be precise the profound understanding of customer needs as well as the joint development of tailor-made solutions together with our customer are an expression of this effort.

Cheaper, more innovative or closer to the customer? How do you profile yourself? Many of our customers do not differentiate themselves about the price. A cost leader strategy in their view does not significantly increase the quality (it is usually pure redistribution) and offers, especially for European SMEs, no stable basis of existence. Together with such customers, we jointly develop sustainable solutions at marketable prices. They differentiate themselves primarily about the added value of their performance, i. E. through an optimal price-performance ratio and though specialities. And added value usually means more quality. More quality of life.


Core Values

 Personal, dynamic, competent, reliable and responsible


personalCustomer orientation & proximity:

Customer orientation and personal customer contact are at the centre of our efforts. We understand our customer relationships as partnerships.

Performance & Innovation:

We develop packaging solutions for and with our customers and pursue individual and suitable solutions.

Service & Quality:

A high level of service and quality competence is the basis for a long-term and mutually trust-based partnership in our markets.


“Not the big eats the little one, but the fast one the slow”. As a medium-sized company we rely in on this attribute both in culture and in our processes and resources. Our specialization and our many years of know-how form the basis of our pace.


Our flexibility is equally important and comes from the same causes as our pace.


Our innovation competence enhances the personal relationship with our customers.

expertiseTechnological competence:

We have real technological competence. Because we operate manufacturing technologies ourselves or maintain close cooperation with manufacturers who do this.

Our team includes professionals who have operated the essential manufacturing processes themselves. As a result, our customers have a competent contact person who provides information about all stages of the process.

Innovation competence:

Our innovation competence manifests itself in many aspects. Our research and development department, for example, has many years of know-how and is well versed in the requirements of the various markets. Our long-term cooperation with leading raw material producers, with universities and research institutions ….