Focus organic waste bags

Focus topic “Organic waste bags”

Instead of burning the organic waste – to be composed of up to 70% of water – with residual waste, the resources go back into the biological cycle. Organic waste becomes valuable compost and biogas.


Currently there is still 5 million tonnes of organic waste in German domestic waste. Organic waste bags help to collect more of these recyclables separately via the organic waste bin. The clean, dry and low-odour collection with the organic waste bag ensures that as little organic waste as possible is simply disposed of in household waste.

Organic waste fed to the biological cycle…



The compound of compostable products e.V.

The compound of compostable products e.V. is a network of companies following a shared aim:

“Promote the separate collection of organic waste and thus return these valuable resources back to the biological cycle.”

In addition to the wide availability of organic waste bags in grocery stores, drugstores and hardware stores, the compound is committed to:

  • The comprehensive offer of the organic waste bin for all citizens
  • The municipal approval of the certified organic waste bag as a tool for the collection of the waste
  • Informing and educating the public about the environmental and economic benefits of the separate collection of organic waste as an organic resource

You can find more information about the compound of compostable products e.V. on their website.