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Focus on “Littering of dog waste bags”

…in der Natur
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Dog waste bags basically make an important contribution for a clean cityscape. However, if the bags do not get into the garbage bin as intended but into nature there will be not only a visual but also an ecological problem.

…in der Natur
Sammlung der Beutel in Hamburg
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The increased use in sensitive areas such as parks and along waterways makes the discharge of plastic into the environment particularly critical.

As part of a clean-up operation, for example, 500 dog waste bags were collected along a narrow path of a riverside on a length of just 500 meters.


If conventional bags do not get into the garbage bin but are discharged into the environment, there will be considerable costs for their removal. However, an extraction is often no longer possible, for example, if the bags got into the water. Conventional bags are reduced to small pieces over centuries and pose a danger to many animals over this time.

With our biodegradable dog waste bags we want to offer you a solution for this problem.

The biodegradation takes places essentially by oxidation and hydrolysis processes. The microorganisms – bacteria, protozoa or fungi or enzymes – use the substances as food and energy sources. After this process there will remain as degradation products only water, carbon dioxide (CO2), mineral salts and biomass.

Our dog waste bags are the result of decades of development and were made from the most modern generation of bioplastics. You can find out more about the features and advantages of our dog waste bag here.

Additional information

Dog waste bag: Background and problems

Facts and figures about dog waste bags and solutions.
Hintergrundpapier Hundekotbeutel.pdf (1.21MB)

Project Poop Bag Map

The Poop Bag Map is an environmental protection project that uses photographs to document where and how many dog waste bags are littered into the environment and visualize the results using an impressive interactive map.

The relevance of dog waste bag littering is shown by the huge media response to the Poop Bag Map. Thus there were reports in newspaper (WELT am SONNTAG, Süddeutsche Zeitung, taz, Hamburger Abendblatt Hamburger Morgenpost), on television (NDR DAS!, Sat. 1 Regional), on websites (SPIEGEL Online,, trade magazines (der bauhofLeiter, Der Flächenmanager) and fortunately also in dog magazines (City Dogs, dogs, DER HUND, WUFF).

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