Biodegradable dog waste bags

Reduces negative impacts of littering…

  • Biodegradable under local temperature conditions
  • OK Compost HOME certified (tested under 20-30°C)

… made of reasonable material

  • High percentage of renewable resources
  • Amount of starch recovered from waste
  • Free of plasticizer and GMOs

Lessen the negative consequences of littering

Our biodegradable dog waste bags are compostable under local temperature conditions. Only then they can effectively reduce negative consequences of littering. There is no industrial compost system required to decompose the bags: biodegradation already takes place in nature itself. Thanks to optimized, state-of-the-art bioplastics technology, decomposition happens even under unfavourable conditions.






TÜV AUSTRIA certified:

Our bags have been tested and certified by TÜV AUSTRIA for home compostability (OK Compost HOME). Even if we produced our dog waste bags in more than four times the material thickness, the requirements will still be met.

Obtained of reasonable material

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Our biodegradable dog waste bags are made of renewable resources. With a share of 30% (basic) to over 50% renewable raw materials (premium), they help to save scarce resources. For example, by significantly using less crude oil or natural gas which saves CO2.

Obtained from waste: the starch for our premium product is obtained from potato peels of the European French production. This guarantees our no GMOs policy, allows short transits and does not compete with food production. The starch for our “TSP biodegradable dog waste bags basic” comes from corn production rejects and is also GMO-free.

Developed for practical use

The result of constant improvement: For over 30 years, we have been devoting ourselves to bioplastics and especially to dog waste bags. We have always used the experience gained for the further development of our products. Our biodegradable dog waste bags are not only compatible with the common dispenser systems, but are also characterized by their mechanical, optical and haptic features. They are opaque, made of particularly tear-resistant material and pleasant to handle.

Tailor-made solutions

In our experience, our standard products cover over 90% of common dispenser systems. If you have your own system with special perforations or dimensions, we also manufacture the bags according to your requirements. The bags can be printed and colored (e.g. red) like conventional products. Different types of raw materials encounter different preferences. Depending on the individual preference, we use the right material for you, for example, to have a particularly high proportion of renewable raw materials, to use different starting materials, etc. By producing flexible, we create bags that fit to your individual dispenser system. We also offer individual packaging on request that are particularly suitable for shipping or e-commerce.

Ecological sustainability

The production in Asia (TSP Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags) allows you to avoid plastic waste, even if the budget is thigh (especially for cities and towns). Of course we pay close attention to social and labour standards (BSCI certified) and environmental management (ISO 140001: 2004).

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    Individual solutions

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