“Anything against nature will not abide for any length of time.” – Charles Darwin

Bioplastics for your needs – biobased and compostable


“The Sustainable People” is leading in the field of bioplastics. We counsel, support, produce and sell for example sustainable solutions in the packaging sector – especially, but not exclusively, where bioplastics are used.

As you wish: With us you get the complete solution or even just individual components.

In addition, we offer you high-quality products from our standard range:


TSP biodegradable dog waste bags

Our biodegradable dog waste bags are biodegradable under local temperature conditions. For the composting of the bags does not require an industrial composting plant: the decomposing happens in a natural environment.

TSP recycled dog waste bags

The PE (polyethylene) for our recycled dog waste bags is entirely made of old plastic which saves up to 70% of CO2 compared to products made of new granules. Note: This product is not biodegradable.

TSP compostable trash bags

Best used for biodegrading your compostable waste in domestic compost. Made with renewable raw materials, liquid- and tear-resistant. Enables a hygienic and clean food waste collection.

TSP multi-use bioplastic carrier bags


Our rugged biodegradable carrier bags are industrially compostable, made of 90% renewable resources and have a much smaller water footprint than cotton bags.

TSP biodegradable fruit- and vegetablebags

Bio-based and home-compostable it can still be used as an organic waste bag after use. Available with or without handle, rolled or blocked.

TSP biodegradable shopping bags

Bio-based and home-compostable, it can still be used as an kitchen caddy bag after use. Nevertheless, we recommend using our rugged multi -use biodegradable carrier bags if possible.